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Ashley Griggs Senior editor

Surprise presents, like a long-awaited music album or video game CD, wouldn't be complete without an amazing cover that doesn't spoil the excitement. With the help provided by a label creator and just a drop of imagination, you can impress your friends with unexpected gifts.

A nice solution comes from CyberLink LabelPrint, an application that allows you to design your own jewel case and CD/DVD covers in a few steps.

Since the purpose of this program is so simple, acquiring it might come a bit pricey, but, for users who work in the music industry and design labels on a daily basis, the price range is entirely justifiable.

What I liked the most about CyberLink LabelPrint was its wizard type menu, as it guides you step-by-step to create your own CD/DVD cover.
However, the significant drawback comes from the inability to save the results as files with other extensions than .LPP.

Offering you plenty of templates to use in your designs and a wide variety of paper size and style configurations, CyberLink LabelPrint could be considered to be a smart choice when creating new labels for your CDs and DVDs.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Wizard type menu.
  • Many configurations available for paper size and style.
  • Available in many languages.


  • Slow installation.
  • You can save the results only as .LPP files.

Publisher's description

CyberLink LabelPrint is label-making software that lets you design and print stylish CD/DVD labels in 4 easy steps. Just select your template type, disc information, text layout, background image, and print destination. LabelPrint supports layout and printing on a broad range of templates for your CD/DVD labels from leading label brands.
Labelflash software and LightScribe software allow you to "etch" image designs and text onto the surface of your Labelflash and LightScribe discs. LabelPrint recognizes if a burner and disc support these technologies, then provides the option to burn.
Work with MP3 audio files to create numbered track lists quickly, simply by selecting the files you have added to your disc. The information is automatically transferred between layout templates, thus enabling the creation of CD/DVD labels, jewel-case covers and inlays in one go.
LabelPrint supports a broad range of commercial templates from leading label brands for your disc cover. A built-in library of high-resolution images provides a choice of 16 popular themes for your CD/DVD labels, including Travel, Happy Birthday, and now Football (i.e. Soccer). You can also import your own image files and then stretch, tile or crop them to fit the designs of your CD/DVD labels and disc cover.
While LabelPrint is designed to operate as a standalone product, it perfectly complements other applications requiring the printing of CD/DVD labels. After installation, you can access label-printing features via the PowerStarter interface in your version of CyberLink Media Suite, as well launch from within CyberLink Power2Go.

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